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Costa Azzurra

The name “Azure Coast” was first given to the leg of shore between Mentone and Cannes by the French writer Stephen Liegeard in 1887.
From the geographic point of view, the area known as French Riviera corresponds to the eastern leg of the French coast, on the border with Italy.

In the XX century the Riviera became the favourite destination of the North European aristocracy and the rich middle-class, both for its mild climate and the breathtaking sceneries. Still today, the majority of European tourists visiting the Riviera comes from England, Germany and Holland.

The French Riviera is surely the most famous Riviera in Europe, being a constant source of inspiration for writers, painters and artists the likes of Lautrec, Modigliani, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse and Tolstoj, and the chosen residency for many famous characters of the international jet set.

The region is characterised by intense luminosity and a crystalline sea on one side, and from lovely villages, wild corners and breathtaking landscapes on the other. The charm of the French Riviera lies in this unique combination of romantic views and picturesque villages, flourishing gardens and luxurious sea resorts, which all contribute to make it one of the most suggestive places in Europe.

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